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  • Edinburgh Book Festival

    This Summer, I was invited to perform at Edinburgh Book Festival illustrating The Pavee & the Buffer Girl live, with Geraldine Bradley reading and singing. Together we put on events for about…

  • Glastonbury

    Illustrating my Glastonbury festival highlights.

  • The Season Annual

    After spending the Summer 2016 drawing Olympic athletes from Team GB I was asked to contribute to The Season Annual, an illustrated football annual and passion project of a group graphic designers.

  • Hay Festival

    Incredible weekend in Hay-on Wye. Where singer and storyteller Geraldine Bradley and I were invited to bring our Pavee & the Buffer Girl event to Hay Festival. Whilst there I also had…

  • Easle : Illustrator featured

    Easle is a platform for illustrators to showcase their skills and to meet potential collaborators and clients. I was kindly asked to become one of the first artists to be filmed and…

  • Sir David Attenborough

    In celebration of Sir David Attenborugh’s 90th birthday I illustrated some of the iconic moments of his career so far.